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Our groups are the base of our work. Our goal is to keep these groups alive and active. We started a new group for young adults in autumn of 2021.


Re: Geni Ifi
(Genezius Bible Study Group)


This youth community is the base of Pulzus’s activities. Formed 30 years ago by young college students and living on strongly to this day in Cluj-Napoca. 40-50 young people meet up every Wednesday to study the Bible, sing, pray and look for God together. Usually the members are the ones preparing conversation starter passages for the day, but occasionally they invite a guest speaker to widen a topic.


End of 2022 academic year there will be a change in the bible study’s leadership, which was done voluntarily until now. A new coordinator will take on starting from September 2022 and we want to raise funds for this position, in order to have someone take care of this ever growing group on a daily basis.
If you are interested of a detailed tale of the group, click here.


Pulzus ifi 
(Pulzus Bible Study Group)

Pulzus’s young adult (25+) Bible study group was started in the fall of 2021 for working and married youth that are still related to our organization and are not yet ready become full members of a church, as churches have a difficulty to serve this age group. It meets every second Thursday and has a similar upbuilt like Re:Geni Bible study group. Steve Kennedy, pastor of Cluj Christian Fellowship, international community of Tóköz Reformed Church usually joins us for worship and discussions. 

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The Pulzus.Talks project is a conversation starter event series, which was organized for the first time in 2022 January with the topic of Presence. Pulzus has it’s regular bible study meetings, but we found that in order to address and include newcomers, we need bridges that gradually lead to what living a Christian life means.

Our strategy was to find a universal topic for Pulzus.talks that would be presented from the point of view of speakers active in different disciplines, with the presence of a Christian moderator. A psychologist, a physicist, an actor and a pastor spoke in 25 min slots followed by 20 min Q & A.

Excited on the success of our first event where 50 people attended, and where we realized there is a need for this initiative, we started to plan more sessions. It would be possible for Pulzus to organize Pulzus.talks events will be organized 2 times a year, meaning the next event will take place in September-October, but this time will be followed by a 11 session Alpha course.



Pulzus Band

We founded Pulzus band to shape Christian music culture in Transylvania. The Pulzus band has three steady members: Péntek-Domschy Mercédesz (vocals),

Péntek Attila (piano), Visky Péter (guitar, instrumentation), but they are joined by guest artists from project to project.

Our goal with the music of Pulzus Band is to draw attention to the value of the local Christian music, to create a culture of live Christian music as well as to address dechurched and non-believer young people, young adults.

The band already has three songs out, with two videoclips. You can check them out here





We would like to develop a Christian network for women in Transylvania which is available whenever they need encouragement and support.



Getting out in the nature helps spend more quality time with youth, without

gadgets, far from the daily routine. Young people open up their hearts and listen to God’s word.

The team of Step out-Step guides these tours on a monthly basis.





Koinónia Camp


Winter Camp

 The 4 day retreat  has the goal to share the gospel through a related topic targeting the 19-35 age group . 

This camp is a multi-generational intellectual camp that is the combination of a retreat and an open university.



Pulzus camp

A summer week for the 19-28 age group with lots of talks, praying, singing, laughing and loving in the name of God. 


Women`s weekend

Draws together different generations to learn about the  roles of  Christian women.

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